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December 27, 2008

Update. Internet dating worked for me. I met my girl on CL. In person, lets say she was BIG – not to imply I have a problem with weight. Other girls I met were big. The difference is that some people wear their weight and others are worn by it.

What I loathed with my big girlfriends was their eating. We are in public and she is shoving piece after piece of cheesy food into her mouth. Bite after bite after bite. You know what went through my mind during those dates? I was thinking of the bathroom. I was visualizing a big dump that would be taken later. It killed my sex drive. Its hard to stand … well, lets no go that route.

But there is something about BIG girls thats appealing. I love BIG girls. But when on a date, check yourself. Pretend you don’t eat all the time. Suppress the urge, it tortures to stare at you gulp burger after burger after burger. If you can’t control that, don’t ask later when I refuse to have sex with you.

To you my BIG girls that I love, do NOT sit on your butt all day just cause you assume men are DESPERATE. Its true men crave for sex all the time – blame nature and biology and you know what, thats what is to blame for your bad health. I listened to how all my BIG girls exhaled. Not good.

I almost bolted from my last date with BIG girl. She went to order more food and I had to catch myself as I run for the exit. Hey and you JERKS who were looking at me funny on my date with BIG girl, stop it. They need some loving too.

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